Coastal waters management to be transferred to MSAR

Chinese president Xi Jinping announced on Friday that China and Macau have begun preparations to ensure Macau’s management of its own coastal waters. In the near future, Macau’s coastal waters will be managed by the local government instead of Beijing.
“This time, I come to announce the official initiation of relevant works for Macau’s coastal waters management. The initiation is also a matter which the MSAR’s government had requested [to discuss],” said Mr Xi.
Currently Macau does not have jurisdiction over its surrounding waters. A mainland Chinese spokesperson said on Friday that the decision to delimit sea zones of the Macau Special Administrative Region will boost the city’s development, Xinhua reported.
“The decision can help fully implement the ‘one country, two systems’ policy and Macau’s Basic Law,” said the spokesperson of Hong Kong and Macau affairs office of the State Council, adding that it would promote moderate diversification of Macau’s economy while boosting cooperation between Macau and neighboring province of Guangdong.
The spokesperson said that central and local government agencies would help Macau complete the definition of its sea zones before the end of 2015.
Although Chief Executive Chui Sai On did not disclose any further details regarding Macau’s management of its coastal waters, it is believed that Beijing’s new measures will entitle Macau to manage and decide on the planning of its respective coastal areas, particularly in a time when land resources are scarce and do not always allow for further development of reclamation zones, Lusa reported. MDT/Agencies

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