Commission finalizes ballot paper design for CE election

The basic design of the ballot papers for the Chief Executive Election Committee member poll will remain mostly the same as the layout used in the 2014 election.

According to the Electoral Affairs Commission for the Chief Executive Election, it has finalized the basic ballot paper design to be used at the polls. Although the basic design will remain mostly the same,  the paper will be different from that used in 2014.

On Saturday, the commission president Song Man Lei told reporters that the commission would strengthen measures to prevent counterfeiting, and thus optimize the security of the ballot process, as cited in a statement issued by the Government Information Bureau.

Song said that the “commission paid great attention to protecting personal data.”

The commission said that the optimization of ballot papers and electronic vote counting would ensure a smooth polling process for the Chief Executive Election Committee.

It pledged to balance fulfilling its obligations on the protection of personal data, and allowing people to campaign for nominations.

The Chief Executive Election Committee election, which will elect most of the committee’s members, has been set for June 16.

The 400-member committee will subsequently elect a new Chief Executive.

According to the bureau, the meeting also discussed diversifying the communication and promotional channels used to explain the 2019 Chief Executive Election processes.

The commission also discussed issues, including a request for candidates for the committee to provide their contact information. LV

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