Comprehensive library at Seac Pai Van opens

The Seac Pai Van Library in Coloane was inaugurated yesterday in the presence of government officials such as Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam and the president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mok Ian Ian.

The library has a total area of 2,074 square meters and more than 300 reading seats. It currently hosts a collection of approximately 40,000 volumes and 3,500 audiovisual materials, with an estimated storage capacity up to 75,000 volumes.

The library features personal reading spaces and social interaction areas, such as a multi-functional room, group discussion room, and a family zone. It is designed to integrate the functions of learning, leisure and social intercourse, according to the government.

In addition to the general library functions and areas, the library also features a nursing room and a self-service station.

“We aim to have the Seac Pai Van Library serve as a comprehensive public library, providing a multitude of services and facilities to assist [with] any and all endeavors in the pursuit of learning, leisure and social functions,” said Mok.

“I think it is quite good,” commented Secretary Tam. “Later we can consider whether we should extend the service hours of the library.”

“It is a very good for serving the Macau public. Next year, when the [public school] is completed, this community then will be equipped with all kinds of facilities,” added Tam. “I encourage the students to come here often.”

The library opens from 2 p.m. to midnight on Mondays and from 8 a.m. to midnight. from Tuesday to Sunday. During its opening hours, only security guards and cleaning stuff will be on duty from 8 p.m. until closing time, while no library staff will be available. The library will be closed from the first day to the third day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. JZ

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