Consulate celebrates influential Filipino women

Filipino women were honored by the Philippine Consulate General in Macau as part of the ongoing Women’s Month this March. The event was themed “Filipino Women Expanding Influence and Leading Change.”

Held annually, the celebration aims to recognize empowered women who are making an impact on their workplaces, communities and society.

Organized by the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLO), the department launched three award categories including Women of Inspiration, The Trailblazer Award and Leadership Award.

Labor attaché Vivian Tornea recalled that they have been conducting the celebration for the past three years, honoring women who have been examples of courage and selflessness. 

“We’ve been holding this celebration to recognize some women in Macau who have outstanding performances, […] for them to be recognized [as] achievers here in Macau that have made an impact in their workplaces and community as well,” Tornea told the Times.

According to Tornea, POLO received a total of 30 nominations from the community.

Last year, the consulate awarded women for their economic achievements, recognizing entrepreneurs.

This year, the labor attaché expressed the belief that women who are considered change agents and motivators should be recognized, as their accomplishments have an impact not just on their fellow compatriots but to other women in general.

One of the awardees, who has worked as a director of design for Wynn Design and Development for eight years, claimed that women are much stronger and more influential nowadays, adding that they have always been playing vital roles, particularly in their families – as cited in a report by TDM.

Other awardees included Eugenia Desano, who has been working as a medical technologist in the public hospital since 1987, and Marissa Catan, a domestic helper in the city since 2010.

“Helping other people should be sincere […], we should be agents of change,” said Catan, who is actively volunteering in community projects.

The third edition of “Honoring Outstanding Filipina in Macau” recognized nine Filipino women altogether. LV

Manila recalls labor attaché in Hong Kong

Manila has recalled its labor attaché in Hong Kong a year before the official was due to complete his term without justification in the official memo, in a move that has been heavily criticized by migrant groups.

Migrant groups suggested that the move might be related to Jalilo Dela Torre’s outspoken advocacy against human traffickers and exploitative employment agencies, as cited in a report issued by the South China Morning Post.

Dela Torre received the memo on Friday, stating that the order was effective immediately, although typically, an official has 60 days to leave the post after a recall has been issued.

“Whatever the outcome is, I will continue to fight human traffickers and rogue agencies wherever I am,” Dela Torre told the media outlet.

Migrant groups including Global Alliance Hong Kong criticized the move, noting that his exit will not benefit them, adding that the community is unaware of the reason behind his recall.

“But people believe that one of the reasons has to do with human trafficking. […] He has been very outspoken,” said the association’s president, Leo Selomenio.

Dela Torre has exposed cases of Filipino helpers in Hong Kong who are trafficked to other destinations including Russia and Turkey.

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