Consumer Council encourages public to use its price platform

To combat problematic pricing and alleged profiteering practices, the Macao Consumer Council has again encouraged members of the public to rely on its “Macao Price Information Platform.”
By actively comparing the prices of goods sold in various outlets, the Consumer Council keeps a handle on pricing across the city. It then publishes the information to the platform.
Apart from regular household products and consumables, the platform also lists prices of car-use petrol as well as household LPG.
Listed on the platform are also 180 types of products sold in 35 local supermarkets. Information is updated every Wednesday. The Council also ranks supermarket pricing in ascending order, as well as products that see a price difference of more than 50%.
It has a user-friendly “shopping basket” function that can tell users where they can get most of what they need to buy. It can even calculate which shopping basket has the cheapest group of products.
For example, the Council wrapped up its latest mission of price inspection and comparison near the end of last week, focusing on chilled and frozen pork.
The Council recorded the prices of 12 types of products, including rice, grains, cooking oil, canned food, spreads, seasonings, drinks, dairy products, as well as chilled, frozen and live products. AL

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