Continuing education program served 1 million

The number of participations in the three phases of the city’s continuing education development program has exceeded one million, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) revealed in its reply to lawmaker Song Pek Kei’s inquiry. As of last March, 61% of participants had attended courses for vocational skills. Language translation, business, and management courses are the most popular courses. During the same period, the DSEJ conducted 2,800 on-site inspections to course providers, 1,000 follow-up interviews and over 22,000 random inspections.

Training wanted for all taxi drivers

Wong Man Pan, a member of the Transport Advisory Council, believes that all Macau taxi drivers should receive a 10-hour professional training course as proposed by the latest taxi operation regulation. The regime, which will come into effect on June 3, requires all future taxi drivers to go through a 10-hour training course before they take the taxi operator license exam. However, the training will not apply to current taxi drivers. Wong proposed that taxi drivers with past violation records should be asked to do more training hours.

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