Corporate Bits | GEG volunteer team members distribute New Year puddings to the underprivileged

P001With Chinese New Year around the corner, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) distributed new year puddings to 240 members from The Macau Association for the Mentally Handicapped, Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau, Macau Deaf Association, Richmond Fellowship of Macau and Macau Association of the Hearing Impaired.

01singing bowl ritual at mgm macau’s six senses spa

Six Senses Spa at MGM Macau is now incorporating a holistic Singing Bowl Ritual at the commencement and conclusion of all types of body and facial treatments, to offer guests an enhanced experience and overall well-being.
The ritual begins with a therapist gently striking the singing bowl with a wooden wand throughout the several chakras (the subtle energy points of the human body), gliding the wand around the rim of the bowl to create a soothing humming vibration. The therapist then moves the singing bowl around the shoulders, moving it slightly above the forehead, following to the “third eye,” throat, heart, and the belly area.  Softly striking the bowl three times symbolizes the unification of body, mind and spirit, as the vibrations travel through the body, triggering a transformation of energy, into a positive and healing experience.

01 copymgm macau offers guests chinese new year fortune bags

From the first to the third day of Chinese New Year (February 19 – 21), MGM will give away to all hotel room guests nicely designed Chinese New Year fortune bags, jointly created by Fuhong Society of Macau and Sam Meng Chi Restaurant, a subsidiary of the Macau Association for the Mentally Handicapped. As a festive greeting to guests from around the world, these fortune bags also reflect MGM Macau’s support for the underprivileged.
Inside the fortune bags are vibrant-colored small bags skillfully stitched by the mentally challenged students of Fuhong Society of Macau. The fortune bags also contain cookies and cupcakes prepared by the mentally challenged employees of Sam Meng Chi Restaurant.

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