Corporate Bits | Melco presents Japanese anime exhibition

Melco is renewing its contribution to Art Macao by bringing a vast array of pieces depicting Japanese anime and culture to the region. They will be shown from now until the end of November.

“Journey” is a diverse selection of works inspired by the highly varied culture of anime. Forming part of Melco’s contribution to Art Macao: International Art Exhibition, this unique exhibition is a visual adventure that explores the evolution of contemporary Japanese anime from its beginnings rooted in ukiyo-e, the traditional art of Japanese woodblock print and painting.

This first-of-its-kind exhibition for Studio City includes highlights such as Amanami Animated by MAP Office, Mr Waterloo by Rainbo, Waves in Time by Southbend, Blingee by Han Yanjuan, and the Modern Art of Floating World Collection by Horihiro Mitomo and Ukiyoemon.

Lawrence Ho, chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, commented, “Japanese arts and culture have been an inspiration of mine from a very young age, and it is an honor to celebrate the heritage, culture and arts of Japan with our guests in Macau.”

Sands China wraps up ‘Plastic Free July Challenge’

Sands China employees have just completed the Plastic Free July Challenge, with around 3,000 employees participating.

By promoting participation in the Plastic Free July challenge, Sands China aimed to motivate employees to refuse single-use plastic, drive behavioral change and influence others in a positive way.

As part of the Sands ECO360 global sustainability strategy, Plastic Free July is an annual global movement challenging people to refuse single-use plastic for the month of July.

“As Sands China continues to explore more ways of running a sustainable operation, the company feels it is vitally important for all of us as individuals to adopt an eco-conscious approach to our daily lives,” said Mark McWhinnie, senior vice president of Resort Operations and Development for Sands China Ltd.

Sands China Ltd. recently encouraged its employees to continue bolstering their personal efforts towards living sustainable lifestyles, including using reusable water bottles, coffee cups and bags; using soap bars instead of liquid soap; and switching to bamboo-handled toothbrushes.

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