Corruption | Policy Research Bureau refutes accusations against its leader

Director of Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau, Mi Jian

An anonymous letter accusing Mi Jian, Director of the Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau (DSEPDR), has been condemned by the bureau for “bringing a bad atmosphere into Macau,” according to a statement issued by the DSEPDR earlier this week.

The letter, allegedly written by some of the bureau’s employees, accuses Mi of 11 types of misconduct, some of which are major corruption offences in the Macau SAR.

Mi is accused of hiring his doctorate candidates and his own relatives by ignoring the central recruitment process for public servants, wrongfully terminating the employment of local residents at the bureau, appropriating bureau funds, smoking inside his office and evading the proper tender procedures.

In addition to being shared on social media, the letter was also submitted to the anti-corruption authority, which earlier this week acknowledged receiving the complaint.

In the past few days “the DSEPDR held a general staff meeting about the letter. The bureau read out the contents of the anonymous report letter verbatim and clarified the accusations item by item,” the bureau statement reads

“As far as is currently known, the bureau considers that it is not true that the author of the letter is a DSEPDR employee. All staff members unanimously condemned the actions of the individual who impersonated the bureau,” the bureau writes.

“Not only will the good working atmosphere and tradition of this bureau not be destroyed, but they will be strengthened. The efficiency, order and effectiveness of this bureau will be further enhanced by this incident,” the DSEPDR stressed.

“Macau is a harmonious society. The letter brings a bad atmosphere into Macau, creating confrontation, and more unfoundedly, uses fictional content to provoke deep feelings among colleagues in the bureau and undermine the unity, mutual respect, and harmony that has [characterized] this bureau for a long time.”

The bureau claimed that the former policy research office and DSEPDR have strictly complied with the Macau Basic Law, and regulations and laws in Macau, and that, currently, the bureau is fully committed to the construction of the Greater Bay Area.

“The false accusations, filth and even personal attacks in the letter have not only affected the normal work of the bureau, but have also seriously damaged the image of this bureau, further causing adverse social impacts,” read the letter’s response.

In addition, the bureau claims that it will actively cooperate with relevant departments to follow up on the letter.

“The bureau condemns false accusations, filth and personal attacks in the letter. Under the premise of determining the facts, the right to pursue accountability according to the law will be exercised,” the DSEPDR said.

The DSEPDR formed by the Chief Executive to study ways to coordinate Macau’s integration into the Greater Bay Area, has been in operation for almost one year.

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