Council collaborates with four cities on urban planning

Macau’s Urban Planning Council visited Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou and Shenzhen last month to exchange views with the Planning and Natural Resources Administration officials of these cities regarding the design and development of the Greater Bay Area.

The delegation was informed by officials about the urban planning, industrial development, use of urban space and urban renewal carried out in these four cities during the visit. 

After the presentation by the representatives of these cities, the officials discussed and shared their views and proposals for Macau to aid in the planning and development of the Greater Bay Area.

The planning of the urban space between Macau and the four cities is included in the central government’s mega project. The parties concluded that there would be more exchange and collaboration in the academic and technological spheres in the future.

The move is aimed at ensuring that the development of each city in the region is understood by its partners under the Greater Bay Area initiative.

The aim is also to understand and take as a reference point the experiences and modes of innovation of different locations for planning this urban space.

The Urban Planning Council is a government advisory body focusing on issues related to the elaboration, execution, revision and modification of urban projects. LV

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