Council receives 98 complaints on yoga center

The Consumer Council (CC) has received a total of 98 complaints regarding a yoga center that will allegedly close down after a significant number of its clients have paid advanced membership.
In a statement issued last night, the CC urged the affected clients to contact the council as soon as possible, or they can submit sufficient information to lodge a complaint through their online platform.
According to the information provided by the complainant, the members will not receive a refund of their membership fees. For this reason, the CC was asked for assistance. The main appeal of consumers is to request the yoga center to refund the part of the membership fee that has been paid in excess.
According to a report issued by Tribuna de Macau, members of the yoga center were warned that membership fees would be more expensive this year. Therefore, they were advised late last year that if they paid in advance, they would be exempted from the price hike.
A client has allegedly paid to be a member until 2023.
However, on May 6, members were surprised to see a notice on the premises’ entrance, which noted that the center would close its doors.
A member told the Portuguese paper that the money they have paid will not be refunded due to “financial difficulties.” LV

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