Covid-19 | Requirements for entrants from five high-risk countries tightened

Health measures on entrants who have been to five countries considered high risk by the Macau government in the 28 preceding days have been further tightened, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center announced.
The five countries are Brazil, India, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines.
Entrants from these five countries, or those who have been in these five countries in the 28 preceding days, should bear certain valid documentations prior to boarding their departure flight to Macau.They are required to hold three SARS-CoV-2 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) negative test results. These three results must be obtained within three days, while each of them must be at least 24 hours apart.
Most importantly, the last PCR negative test result must be issued within 72 hours from the departure time of the flight.
Furthermore, the traveler must also bear a serum negative test result of IgM antibody of the virus. Otherwise, they must hold proof of their completed Covid-19 vaccination.
All these documentations, the Novel Coronavirus Center stressed, must be issued by a testing entity recognized by the Chinese consulates or embassies in those countries. AL

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