CPPCC | Football can develop cultural industry exchange: Liu, Chui


Football and related industries should be utilized as a medium to promote cultural exchange between China and Lusophone countries, Liu Chak Wan and José Chui Sai Peng have co-proposed to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
The CPPCC is holding its annual plenary meeting in Beijing. The meeting is set to close this afternoon.
As members of the CPPCC, Liu and Chui took the opportunity to make proposals with regards to Macau’s position as the strategic link between China and Lusophone countries.
Pointing out that sports have been used to facilitate cultural exchange between countries and ethnicities, they proposed more work be done on developing football in particular. Macau has a significant quantity of skilled individuals possessing fluency in both Chinese and Portuguese, who, in their opinion, would be able to help China and Lusophone countries develop sporting industries together.
They hope the mainland can provide further help at a national level with sports events in Macau, to make the city a base of Chinese-Lusophone sports exchange.
In addition, they proposed the popularization and implementation of Chinese medicine in Lusophone countries. They also suggested introducing quality Chinese medical products to those countries, and even to others in the European Union.
Their justification was that Chinese medicine is part and parcel of the “Healthy China” strategy. They also noted that Chinese herbal medicine has helped significantly against Covid-19.
Finally, they proposed more work be done in Macau to strengthen its position as the base for skilled Portuguese-speakers. The roadmap that they proposed stipulated that the work would be led by the Central Government to further promote student recruitment in Lusophone countries by Macau’s higher education institutions. These prospective students, they said, should be offered a greater range of study disciplines.
In addition, they noted that mutual recognition of education between Macau and Lusophone countries should be institutionalized, in order to attract more students to Macau and other parts of the Greater Bay Area.

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