Creative space provides platform for local designers

Fortes Pakeong Sequeira

Porta da Arte officially opened yesterday, featuring several cultural and creative items that are available for sale.

The site, which used to be a factory, was transformed as a response to the government’s call to activate the old district and promote cultural and recreational development.

A Porta da Arte features literature and other art items, and has the aim of providing a platform for the city’s cultural and recreational artists, and enhancing local residents’ awareness of art, as a means of protecting and expanding local culture.

There are plans to regularly organize cultural and art activities at the site, which features three floors and a rooftop.

The CEO of A Porta da Arte, Fortes Pakeong Sequeira, told the press that the building, which cost MOP600,000 to construct, is a significant development for local artists and designers who want to showcase their products.

“We have no window for us to showcase our talents. That’s why we need somebody to get everything together and show residents and travelers what we have,” the local artist said.

Explaining how the idea of creating the platform arose, the artist noted that the neighborhood in Rua dos Ervanários is portrayed in the vibe of the creative space.

“I spent time to get to know the neighborhood and everyone living in this area had passion and love between each other, so it [inspired me] to do something on [the] arts, food and living, here,” said Pakeong Sequeira.

Aspect of the venue

The creative space has an added cultural layer, being a historical building that is more than 60 years old.

Through the design of Fortes, the space is now divided into areas, including an artwork exhibition space, a recreational goods retail area, a reading space, a café and a space for workshops.

Currently, A Porta da Arte has Triangle Coffee Roasters and a reading space available on its ground floor, while cultural and creative products for sale can be browsed on the first floor.

Solo artworks and Fortes’ books, as well as clothing created with Denimworks and Fortitude are all available on site.

Postcards of historical buildings in the region sold by local creative retailers are also stationed in the unit, along with Cloé Jewelry & Art, which provides custom-made jewelry and redesigning services.

A make-up workshop conducted by local make-up artist Mel Ieong, is also stationed on site.

According to organizers, the creative precinct has come to fruition with the cooperation of the city of Hong Kong and many foreign artists.

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