CRIME | Authorities crack down on counterfeit credit cards, forged documents

Police authorities have arrested a group of five suspects who have been using fake international credit cards to purchase items on online shopping platforms in Hong Kong and Macau.

According to the Judiciary Police (PJ), the forged credit cards were used on two local online stores in Macau and a delivery company, amounting to losses of some MOP400,000 and MOP450,000 respectively.

After investigation, the authorities concluded that two Filipino nationals and two Moroccans aged 24 to 29 were suspects and have been arrested.

A 20-year-old Russian national is believed to be linked to the crimes, and was also arrested.

Reports said that the Moroccan nationals were key members of that group and have admitted to the crime.

“The criminal group came to Macau irregularly. They used credit card information from the United States, Canada and Middle Eastern countries to shop in some online shopping platforms or order food,” said Leng Kam Long, spokesman and chief criminal investigator of the PJ.

“After investigation by the authorities, we discovered the suspects’ identities and found out that they leave Macau every time they carry out [illegal] activities,” he added.

According to the spokesperson, Macau authorities cooperated with Hong Kong police due to the suspects also actively committing illegal activities in Hong Kong, purchasing luxury goods and electronic products with the use of the fake credit cards.  The case was transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office.

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