Crime | Casino loser threatened other gamblers with syringes

A male (27) tourist from mainland China threatened several casino gamblers using syringes and a fake report that stated he was HIV positive. His stated purpose was to coerce the gamblers to place bets for him at the casino tables, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) said at a press conference yesterday.
According to the police report, the suspect was finally taken into custody after reportedly threatening at least three men between September 8 and September 13. He was finally caught with the help of the security staff of a casino in ZAPE area.
The victims stated that the man, who allegedly struck in the ZAPE area, was targeting casino gamblers who had won large sums, threatening them with used syringes filled with a red liquid that resembled blood and showing them a medical report which stated that he was infected with the HIV virus.
The suspect allegedly had no intention of stealing from the victims, but was attempting to coerce them to place bets on his behalf at the casino tables in order to recover a large sum that he had previously lost.
According to the statements of the suspect, he was targeting those men for being winners, believing that they were luckier than him.
As for the syringes and the red liquid contained inside, the man admitted to use “fake blood” similar to the type used in movies and decorations, saying that he bought it in his native Hebei province.
He also admitted that the medical report which that stated that he was infected with HIV was fake, but did not state where he sourced it from.
As far as the PSP is aware,  the suspects’ attempts to force gamblers to help him had failed, as none of the gamblers who filed complaints against him were convinced by his story.
After the questioning, the suspect was sent to the public hospital for a toxicological exam, which the result was negative. The man has also been tested for HIV but the results have not yet been released.
He has been presented to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) under the charges of threat and attempted coercion, possession of forbidden weapons and offenses to physical integrity.

Road accidents in coloane leave three seriously injured

Following the two road accidents in the Coloane area Sunday morning, which were reported yesterday by the Times, the PSP said three of the victims are still under medical care in hospitals around the territory. The most critical case is one of the motorcycle riders, who has been hospitalized and is in a serious condition with several internal injuries. The other two victims are still in the hospital due to several bone fractures, but are in stable conditions. The other three reported victims had no serious injuries and have already been released from the hospital.

50-year-old man killed during argument

A 50-year-old Macau resident was killed in the early hours of yesterday morning in a restaurant at Bairro Horta da Mitra in central Macau, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported.
The case reportedly occurred around 2:44 a.m. following a long argument between the victim and another man over an undisclosed matter.
According to the PJ report, during the argument, the suspect allegedly hit the victim in the neck with a broken glass bottle, causing a serious wound and heavy bleeding. The victim was transported to the public hospital (CHCSJ). where he died 10 minutes later. Following the attack, the suspect fled the scene and is still at large. The PJ is still investigating the case and is searching for the suspect.

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