Crime | Defrauded woman claims bracelets worth 65 million yuan

A junket promoter is being investigated for allegedly defrauding a woman of her pair of jade bracelets, which the woman claimed were worth a combined 65 million yuan (73.5 million patacas).

The suspect, surnamed Chan, is a 41-year-old local man, while the victim is a 48-year-old mainland resident. They are both from the same hometown and have known each other for nearly 10 years. The victim frequently visits Macau to gamble.

The victim contacted Chan asking him to prepare HKD10 million for her and another six friends to gamble with in Macau.

Chan, after having discussed with another middleman, requested that the victim use her two jade bracelets as a deposit. The victim agreed.

Last Thursday, when she and her friends arrived in Macau, Chan fetched the victim’s jade bracelets and disappeared without giving them the HKD10 million.

The victim then reported the case to the local police authority, having declared the high value of her bracelets.

On September 22, the victim successfully contacted Chan and arranged a meeting with him in a local hotel.

Chan showed up for the meeting and was seized by the Judiciary Police (PJ). However, the jade bracelets were not found in his possession, as Chan said they had been taken by the middleman.

The PJ believes Chan and the middleman defrauded the woman together. Chan was charged with aggravated fraud and presented to the prosecution authority. JZ

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