Crime | Dispute ends in brawl, 1 arrested

man was caught on video wielding a knife while chasing two others down a street, as shown in footage posted on a social media network. The incident occurred last week, during a dispute between the three men from Vietnam who were working in Macau and sharing an apartment in the surroundings of Kiang Wu.

After the brawl took the streets and the authorities were warned, an off-duty police officer eventually put an end to the disorder, stopping and detaining the man wielding the knife, TDM reported.

According to the report, the man in custody had sustained a head injury which was allegedly the result of being hit with several objects thrown by the other two men who are still at large.

After being treated at a public hospital, the man was discharged and delivered to authorities who charged him for at least two offenses – possession of a forbidden weapon and bodily harm.

The suspect was said to be working in Macau as a waiter and his case has already been forwarded to the Public Prosecutions Office, who will continue the investigation. The police continue to search for the other two men involved in the brawl.

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