CRIME | Family of five charged for fake employment contracts

family of five has been denounced due to a fake employment situation, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported yesterday during a press conference.

Additionally, a Vietnamese woman was also denounced in the same employment case.

The family of five includes the father and mother, who are in their 70s, and three adult children.   

The case involves four fake employment contracts between the mother, her three children, and four Vietnamese women.

The four Vietnamese women were hired as domestic helpers to work for the mother and the adult children.

The mastermind behind all the contracts is currently believed by the police to be the father of the family, while the mother and her three adult children are said to be unaware of the case.

The fake employment arrangements were only revealed after the police authority came across one of the four workers, who was actually working as a prostitute by herself. This woman, surnamed Nguyen, had been in an employment relationship with the mother (Lau) until she was questioned by the police, on last Friday.

According to PJ, Nguyen had been employed as a domestic helper working for Lau. The other three (currently at large) were in an employment relationship with Lau’s three children.

However, the police found out that the five members of the Lau family lived all in the same apartment, indicating that the family was not in need of additional domestic helpers.

Later, the father of the family told the police it had been him who created the four fake employment contracts, and who in turn had fooled his wife and children into signing them.

In order to send applications to the government to apply for a domestic helper for each of his children, the father said he had picked up water and electricity bills, which had a written residence address of the streets, to make up addresses for his children.

Nguyen paid Lau approximately MOP20,000 for the three-year employment contract.

The other three fake domestic helpers were said not to contribute towards any payment to the family. Nevertheless, the workers were said to be acquaintances of each other.

The father claimed that the domestic workers would help to take care of his grandchildren sometimes, or clean the house.

Currently, the three workers, the mother, and two of the family’s children are in mainland China.

All five members of the family have been charged with forgery.

Man charged after fooling illegal currency exchanger

A 24-YEAR-OLD mainland man has been charged with fraud, according to the PJ. Last Saturday, the suspect, surnamed Wu, met with the victim (a mainland resident and an illegal currency exchanger) in front of a hotel located in Cotai. The two had known each other since last July. The suspect tricked the victim into exchanging HKD110,000 to RMB. After the victim transferred the money to the suspect’s mainland bank account, the suspect gave the victim a roll of tissues wrapped in two HKD1,000 bills. He then ran away without giving the victim the rest of the money. The victim ran after the suspect and caught him immediately. The police then arrested the suspect. 

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