Crime | Filipino man arrested for possession of child sex abuse material

A Filipino national has been arrested by the Judiciary Police (PJ) on the charge of disseminating and possessing indecent materials depicting minors. He told the PJ that he worked as a gardener.
The case was revealed by the International Police Force (Interpol), which was notified by social media company, Facebook, after it detected a video containing indecency and nudity involving minors.
Facebook detected that the video depicted an underage Asian girl conducting fellatio upon an adult man, who later had sex with the underage girl. The social media company noted that the girl was deemed to be under the age of 14. It was reported that the video was uploaded on July 5 this year.
The video, with a length of 2:26 minutes, was intercepted by the social media company and did not get publicized on the social media platform. Facebook conducted a trace and discovered a Macau IP address. An IP address is a series of numbers that is able to identify the particular physical location of an internet user.
In compliance with its community guidelines, the social media company subsequently reported the case to the Interpol, which transferred the case to the PJ for investigation.
Following the IP address, the PJ traced the Filipino suspect and arrested him on Tuesday at his place of work in Coloane.
After an investigation into the suspect’s cellphone, the PJ discovered more than 20 similar videos.
The suspect confessed that he downloaded the concerned video in 2018 but denied that he had uploaded it to the Internet. He also declined to disclose the identity of the girl depicted in the video.
The suspect is charged with crime related to possessing underage indecent materials, which has a maximum penalty of eight years’ imprisonment. AL

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