CRIME | HK teenager alleged of drug possession

Public Security Police (PSP) has detained a teenager from Hong Kong who allegedly possessed 38 capsules of cocaine.
PSP officers were reportedly conducting random vehicle inspections on Avenida Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues in the early hours last Sunday when they found the drugs on a taxi passenger, who was under the age of 16.
The teenager admitted that the drugs were cocaine. He claimed that he met a friend in Hong Kong who sold him the capsules in Macau for HKD500 each. The drugs weighed 11.24 grams in total.
A report from the Conde de São Januário General Hospital showed that the boy tested positive for cocaine. He also claimed to have bought the drugs for his own use.
This is the second drug case in a month that involved a Hong Kong minor. A 16-year-old Hong Kong teenager was detained on September 24 after he was accused of packing and selling drugs in Macau nightclubs. The authorities found 95 bags of cocaine on him and in a hotel room, with a black market value of MOP60,000.
Meanwhile, the Judiciary Police (PJ) has detained a junket operator and is tracking down at least three of his associates after they allegedly defrauded a Cotai casino out of HKD10 million.
The detainee allegedly partnered with a cage officer to commit the crime. The cage officer returned to his workplace in the early evening of September 24 even though he should have been off-duty. He then forged a client’s signature and created a false deposit record of HKD10 million. An equal sum was later transferred to the account of one of his associates.
The account owner then withdrew HKD9 million while accompanied by an associate and the detained man. They lost HKD7 million on the gambling table and left the casino, taking with them the remaining HKD2 million and the HKD1 million in the account.
PJ received a report from the casino on October 8 when the management discovered the crime after an audit. They also found that the cage officer who allegedly forged the deposit record has been absent since the crime was committed.
The police was able to catch the detainee when he attempted to depart Macau through the Border Gate checkpoint late Sunday evening, and retrieved HKD500,000. Several of his associates are still at large. JPL

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