Crime | Man accused of domestic violence over assault upon wife and kids

A 45-year-old civil servant has been accused of domestic violence and bodily harm over disputes with his wife and children, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported yesterday during the regular joint police forces press conference.
An incident on January 17 prompted the victim to file the complaint. She told the PJ that this was not the first time such an incident had taken place and that it had occurred on more than one instance.
According to the woman, she had lost her temper and reprimanded her daughter for not focusing while she was helping her daughter with her studies. Upon hearing her scold her daughter, her husband came into the room and pulled the woman out with force, causing her to fall on the ground and fall hard against a cabinet.
The woman also added that her husband punched her at least once.
The victim said that such episodes were common and that it was not only done to her but her children as well.
Explaining the case to the PJ, she said that the husband often disagreed as to the way she disciplined the children and the way in which they were educated, causing many conflicts between them.
The woman was accompanied by her children as she filed the complaint. Her 10-year-old son, the oldest child, also told the PJ that the father often hit him because of disobedience and bad grades at school.
At the time of the complaint, the woman presented injuries on her arm and fingers, while the boy also had marks on his face, which they claimed were due to violence from the father.
When questioned by the PJ, the man admitted to having pulled his wife out of the room on that day, but refused the claims of having hit her or caused her or the children any injuries.
The PJ spokesperson said that the PJ believes that there is enough evidence against the man and that they have forwarded the case to the Public Prosecutions Office on January 22, after which time the man was charged over the two crimes of domestic violence and bodily harm.

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