Crime | Mother assaulted by son over household chores

PSP spokesperson Lai In Hong

53-year-old mother was assaulted by her own son after an argument over household chores, the Judiciary Police (PJ) spokesperson reported yesterday during the joint press conference of the police forces, held on the Public Security Police Force (PSP) premises.

The crime occurred at 3 a.m. on March 20 and was initiated when the mother, a croupier, arrived home from work and, before heading to her room to rest, requested her 29-year-old son help with the laundry by taking dirty clothes to the washing machine.

The son, who was playing a video game, was annoyed by the interruption and the request of his mother, and although obliged made a lot of noise and threw several objects, such as an air conditioning remote control, to the floor.

Alerted by the noise, the mother rushed to the living room and the argument heated up. The son then picked up a wooden chair and hit his mother’s head and body several times while she was trying to run away and find shelter in her bedroom.

A few minutes after the attack, the son regretted his behavior and excused himself to his mother, taking her to the public hospital so she could be seen and cared for by a physician.

Acknowledging the situation, the physician at the hospital, according to procedures in force, flagged the case as “domestic violence” and alerted the police authorities.

Receiving the case from the PSP, the PJ questioned the suspect who admitted the crime and was transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) on March 25 under the charge of domestic violence.

Passenger assaults bus driver

A dissatisfied passenger engaged in a fistfight that sent a bus driver to hospital, PSP spokesperson Lai In Hong revealed yesterday.

The case occurred on Sunday afternoon at the Border Gate bus terminal but was said to have started earlier when the passenger boarded the bus at Rua do Visconde de Paço de Arcos, in front of Ponte 16.

According to the suspect, he was disgruntled due to the fact that he had to run to catch a bus that was already closing the door on him. After entering the bus, the passenger engaged in a verbal discussion with the driver, who ignored him for the rest of the trip. Upon arrival at the Border Gate bus terminus and before leaving the bus, the passenger approached the driver and assaulted him, throwing about 10 punches, according to the police.

The driver had to receive treatment at the hospital as a consequence of the assault.

Questioned by the PSP, the suspect said he assaulted the driver because he was angry and claimed to have also been harmed by the driver who punched him, despite refusing to go to the hospital to have his alleged injuries checked.

Currency exchange scams persist

The PJ spokesperson revealed yesterday that the police force has identified another case of a currency exchange scam over the last few days.

The crime occurred on March 20 and involved two mainland residents – a 28-year-old male and a female aged 34, the suspect in this case.

According to the report, the man wanted to exchange RMB100,000 into HKD140,000 to gamble and agreed on the deal with the woman.

He performed a banking transfer to her via mobile phone, after which the suspect claimed to have to go to the toilet.

The victim waited and, after she came out of the toilet, the suspect said she had already completed the exchange via another transfer. However, the victim did not receive any confirmation of such activity.

They then engaged in an argument and the victim requested help from the casino security to detain the woman until the arrival of the authorities.

According to the PJ spokesperson, the woman refused to cooperate with the police, and would not admit to the crime. Following analysis by the force, the PJ found evidence that the man transferred the specified sum to the woman, while the woman has no record of the having transferred any money back to the man.

The force therefore says that there is enough evidence to forward the case to the MP to charge the woman.

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