Crime | MP sends case of tutor accused of sexual abuse to trial

The Public Prosecutions Office (MP) has concluded their investigation into the case of a tutor accused of nine instances of sexual abuse of minors, and forwarded it to the courts for trial scheduling, the MP informed in a statement.
According to the statement, the MP considers there to be clear evidence that the suspect, a tutor in a local tutoring center, took advantage of his position to inappropriately touch several students, all below 14 years of age.
The case came to light in October last year after parents complained to the tutoring center. When the suspect is presented before the court, he will be charged with the crimes of Sexual Abuse of Children (Article 166 of Penal Code) and Sexual Harassment (Article 164-A of Penal Code), the MP said.
The suspect will be awaiting trial under the coercive measures of the provision of security deposits, periodic presentation to the authorities, and a prohibition of leaving Macau. RM

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