Crime | PJ inspector suspected of leaking confidential information

A 50-year-old investigator from the Judiciary Police (PJ) was arrested on Monday morning on suspicion of being connected to a case regarding the leaking of privileged information from the force and accepting bribes from a loan-sharking group, the PJ reported.
The man, who was identified as a crime investigator chief, has been detained due to suspicions of being linked to a case reported back in September 2019. Another inspector from the same force was also accused of leaking information and accepting bribes from a loan-sharking group in the same case.
His involvement in the case was unveiled during follow-up investigations.
According to the PJ, he has been part of the force since 1996, and is suspected of making use of his high-ranking position to leak confidential information between January 2017 and December 2018.
The confidential information was then passed to the other investigator who was arrested in September 2019.
He has been already presented to the Public Prosecutions Office to be charged with the crimes of abuse of power and breach of the duty of confidentiality.
The PJ also noted that it has already commenced disciplinary investigation procedures for this member of the force, which will run concurrently with the criminal case. RM

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