CRIME | Police deployed in large numbers to catch thieves

Police officers were deployed on the streets of Macau in unusually large numbers on Tuesday night, attempting to apprehend four suspects of a robbery that occurred that same day in the ZAPE district.

The officers, some of which were equipped with bulletproof vests and guns, were intercepting motor vehicle traffic in the hope of catching the suspects who are believed to have robbed a woman of HKD3 million.

According to police authorities, a woman from the mainland had traveled to Macau accompanied by four men, whose relationships with the woman are still not known.

The woman visited two jewelry stores and withdrew HKD3 million in cash to be used for a “project”, according to the police. She then visited a third store to have the money exchanged for RMB.

Two of the men she had traveled with offered to take the cash into the store and have it exchanged, while the woman and the other two men waited outside.

The two volunteers then secretly fled from the shop via another exit. Later, when the woman became suspicious, the other two men also fled the scene.

The police say that they have identified the suspects via the use of surveillance cameras, but have not yet apprehended them. The case was forwarded to the Judiciary Police for further investigation.

Public broadcaster TDM reported that police authorities described the case as an abuse of trust. It is not clear why this particular case resulted in the large police deployment Tuesday night.

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