Crime | Police seize drugs hidden in book-like box

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has arrested three men in an operation in which two of the men admitted to hiding MOP60,000 worth of narcotics in a container disguised as a book. The container was found in an apartment in the Exterior Harbor area.

The three men were respectively surnamed Liu (31 years old), Li (34) and Lei (30). Liu and Li are from the mainland, while Lei is a local Macau resident. They were charged with selling and using narcotics.

According to the police, intelligence from the mainland police showed that someone had been hired by mainland gangs to sell narcotics in Macau. Liu was later identified by the police as a suspect.

Upon Liu’s arrival, the police followed him to a hotel in Cotai, where the suspected narcotics transaction was observed. The police immediately arrested the two and found less than a gram of methamphetamine.

Liu brought the police to the apartment in NAPE, where the police found 15 packs of the methamphetamine, traces of magu, and other tools.

It was then that the police spotted the book-like case in which more narcotics were hidden.

The trio has been selling the drugs over the course of a week. Each small packet of drugs was sold for MOP1,500. AL

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