Crime | Strapper accused of doping horse to enhance performance

A horse strapper at the Macau Jockey Club has been accused by the company for giving an undisclosed substance to one of the horses, with the purpose of influencing the result of a race, the Judiciary Police (PJ) informed in a press conference held yesterday.
According to the information provided by the PJ, the case goes back to April 22, when one of the strappers tried to control the outcome of a race by giving a performance enhancing substance to one of the horses. In reality, the strategy backfired and the horse eventually finished the race last.
Now, according to evidence presented to the company that manages the horse-racing event, the strapper is being accused of being the source of the incident. The employee refuses to accept the accusation, claiming that he is innocent and that he only provided the normal care to the horse.
According to the results of the investigation, the employee is being accused of administrating a substance capable of changing the animal’s mental and physical condition during the race, which can lead to a punishment of up to three years imprisonment.
In a separate case reported by the police, a man has been accused of an unusual usury crime. Contrary to what usually happens in these cases, the suspect allegedly lent money to another man in order to buy air tickets to get back to his home country.
The amount of money lent, HKD 3,000, was subjected to an interest of HKD 100 per day. The borrower failed to return the money in total but claims, as at September 9, he had already paid HKD 2,500.
After failing to contact the borrower, on September 11 the lender eventually found him in a casino in Cotai and requested him to pay the debt that he claimed not to possess.
The suspect then hit him with his elbow leading the man to call for help from casino security.
Questioned by the police force, the suspect confessed to have lent the HKD 3,000 and to have received a total of HKD 700 as interest. He has been accused of usury.

Tourist accused of insult and disobedience

A tourist from mainland China (42) was accused of aggravated insults and disobedience to authorities, the Public Security Police Force revealed.
The incident occurred on Sunday around 3.10 p.m. when a manager from a hotel phoned the police requesting assistance due to a conflict that was taking place in one of the guest rooms.
According to the hotel manager, it was clear that the man was in an altered state, creating a lot of noise and carrying an intense smell of alcohol.
Police officers sent to the location found the man and tried to calm him but as soon as he saw them he started to address to them using rude language and hurling insults.
The man did not heed the police request and was subsequently taken into custody.
His attitude at the police station did not improve, and the man refused to fill in any forms or provide fingerprints.
He was accused of aggravated insults and disobedience and presented to the Public Prosecutions Office yesterday.  RM

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