Crime | Taxi drivers conspired to keep passenger’s money

Three taxi drivers have been brought to the prosecution authority, being accused of conspiring to retain possession of a passenger’s property, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) informed during yesterday’s press conference.

The incident was reported to the police on June 1 by a mainland man who said he lost his bag containing HKD108,500 in cash, inside a taxi that took him to the Cotai border frontier.

The first suspect, a local resident surnamed Ng, is the driver of the specific taxi. Upon discovering the bag, Ng kept it after putting HKD70,000 in cash in his own pocket.

Ng subsequently contacted another taxi driver (the second suspect) and offered to give him half of the remaining money. The second driver accepted the offer and proceeded to transfer the money to his private car. The second suspect then gave his car keys to a third driver in order to protect the money.

The police eventually found all the cash.

The first driver has been charged with inappropriate possession of others’ belongings. The other two have been accused of conspiracy in handling stolen goods.

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