Crime | Three youths caught for theft at basketball court

Sports players should be mindful of their belongings, advised the police yesterday.
Three underage students were caught after reportedly stealing items at the basketball courts adjacent to the Macau Tower in January.
One of the five cases took place in the early morning on January 1, in which one victim reported losing a cell phone worth 6,700 patacas. On the same day, another victim lost a cell phone worth 8,000 patacas. A third lost a school bag, which contained shoes and a small amount of cash.
On January 3 and January 4, two victims respectively lost a school bag containing their property, reportedly worth about 8,000 patacas each, according to the police.
The case was solved with the help of technological footprints. One of the victims realized a card transaction was conducted at a shop on Travessa dos Anjos. The police hence managed to trace the suspects using the surveillance camera footage from the shop.
Three local males were caught, all under the age of 16, surnamed Tam, Chan and Wong respectively. The three suspects are friends, the police do not suspect that there is a cartel link. AL

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