CTM to launch price reduction from Feb. 1

Telecom operator CTM is set to reduce prices and enhance speeds from February 1.

The new pricing scheme will cover customers of residential, ordinary business Internet service and Direct Internet Access (DIA). The average reduction in price for residential fibre broadband services is 22%, with a price reduction of 48% for general business fibre broadband service, and 20% for DIA service. The new pricing also covers student broadband, with an average reduction of 26%. 

The new pricing covers residential broadband, ordinary business broadband, DIA and fixed telephone services. In effect from February 1, a reduction in price of 14-24% will be applied to residential broadband services with speed enhancement up to twofold instituted, with 150Mbps the lowest speed. 

According to a statement, ordinary business broadband users are entitled to price reduction from 23-70%. For them, he lowest speed service plan will be automatically increased fivefold to 150Mbps. In terms of DIA services, customers on a service plan higher than 2Mbps are entitled to enjoy 20% off. The new pricing also covers student broadband services, which will have rates reduced from 21-35%, with the lowest speed being raised to 150Mbps. 

The new pricing for fixed telephony will take effect on April 1. At this time, a  20% reduction will be applied for general business category plans, whereas up to 54% will be reduced for Social Housing residential fixed telephony services. The new pricing will be effective automatically. LV

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