Cultural Industry Council discusses food, culture


The Cultural Industry Council has discussed strategies for the joint development of gastronomy and creative culture, two partially overlapping concepts. The topic was discussed at a regular meeting of the Council.
Macau was designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in November 2017, joining the United Nations Creative Cities Network.
At the recent Council meeting, some members proposed that Macau should realize its designation as a Creative City of Gastronomy through cooperation between four entities, namely the public, the business, the education and the research sectors.
Efforts should be exerted top down, the Council suggested. Bonds between each sector must be strengthened to create dynamics.
It was also proposed that the government should create a database collecting establishment information and recipes. Students should be encouraged to acquire the knowledge of folklore and community food items.
Collaborations with creative industry practitioners are also encouraged, and digital technology was proposed as a means of conserving and promoting gastronomy as a creative industry element. AL

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