Customs officer caught drunk driving


A 50-year-old male officer of the Macao Customs was caught drunk driving during his off-duty period. On December 1, the Public Security Police Force caught the officer during a regular road inspection in the early hours of the morning. When the officer’s car was stopped, police officers smelled alcohol in the car. Preliminary alcohol tests showed the driver had a blood alcohol level of 1.24 grams per liter. The suspect confessed that he consumed alcohol the night before. Since he felt ill, he was on his way to the hospital when he was caught. Customs has already launched an internal investigation against the suspect.

Qingmao port ready by the end of 2020

The construction company behind the Qingmao port project is confident that the port will be completed by the end of next year. Yesterday, a ceremony was held at the Qingmao port Macau Immigration building. The project’s manager, Peng Jun, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Namyue Group, the project concessionaire, said that the main structure of the Qingmao port has already been completed. Peng claims that the project is being implemented smoothly and expressed confidence that rushing the construction progress will affect the building’s structure. During the upcoming period, the project will undergo internal refurbishment and electromechanical installation.

SARs’ standard farm products project launched in mainland

The Greater Bay Area Vegetable Basket project officially started operations yesterday. The Vegetable Basket project, which was launched in May, aims to build a platform in mainland China for farm products that meet the quality requirements of Macau and Hong Kong. Products included in this platform will serve all customers in mainland China and in both SARs. From yesterday, a total of 682 facilities in mainland China are selling these high-quality farm products. In 58 cities in mainland China, a total of 517 production basements are accredited. Additionally, there are 44 products process enterprises.

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