Domestic loans record slight increase

Domestic loans to the private sector in June grew 1.6% from the preceding month to 514.9 billion patacas, according to data issued by the Monetary Authority of Macao.

Analyzed by economic sector, loans to “electricity, gas and water” and “construction and public works” increased at respective rates of 15.3% and 5.3% compared with a quarter ago.

The sectors “information technology” and “restaurants, hotels and similar” dropped 38.5% and 18.3% respectively.

External loans rose by 4.1% to MOP578.1 billion. As a result, total loans to the private sector increased 2.9% from the preceding month to MOP1,093 billion.  

Meanwhile, resident deposits fell 0.2% from the preceding month to MOP654.7 billion, whereas non-resident deposits rose 9.7% to MOP274.5 billion. Public sector deposits with the banking sector remained virtually stable at MOP248.8 billion. As a result, total deposits in the banking sector grew 2% from the preceding month to MOP1,178 billion.

The currency in circulation rose 0.6% month-to-month, with the shares of pataca, Hong Kong dollar, renminbi and U.S. dollar standing at 30.9%, 48.9%, 4.4% and 14% respectively.

At end-June, the loan-to-deposit ratio for the resident sector rose from 56% at end- May to 57%. LV

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