Drinking water salinity under control, says Water Bureau

Tap water in Macau is still safe for consumption, despite the significant rise in its salt content, the Marine and Water Bureau has assured. The bureau said it is working with mainland facilities to control the salinity level.

Bureau head Susana Wong Soi Man explained that the current rise in salinity levels was caused by astronomical tides. In addition to that, insufficient fresh water was being collected downstream.

“The current wave of high salinity is expected to last for around a week,” said Wong. “If the condition gets too poor, the Pearl River Water Resources Commission will act accordingly.”

As for the method of combating the situation, the mainland water commission will release water from upstream to dilute the water downstream. The water reserve at the Zhuyin Reservoir has been released for dilution.

Meanwhile, Macau’s water service provider, Macao Water, is testing a resealing method popular in Europe and America. It fixes underground pipe leakage by inserting a plastic tube into the existing pipe. The advantage of the technique is that no roadworks are required for repair. AL

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