DSAL pledges to explore potential jobs for locals


The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) has vowed to continue exploring possible job opportunities offered by the city’s big enterprises in order to boost the city’s employment rate.
In order to safeguard the job market for local residents, the DSAL will refer local candidates to said enterprises and require the companies to prioritize hiring locals if they are deemed fit for the specific position, the Director of DSAL Wong Chi Hong said in a written reply to the earlier query of Lawmaker Leong Sun Lok with regard to the local job market.
The head of DSAL also promised to organize more training workshops and job-matching events to help locals and graduates secure jobs.
In a bid to safeguard the employment opportunities of locals, the bureau will prohibit foreign workers from applying for certain positions.
In December 2020, the DSAL indicated that its employment support measures — launched to bolster the local job market upended by the pandemic — have yielded positive outcomes.
From January until the end of December of last year, the bureau assisted 3,700 locals land jobs.
According to the latest figures provided by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC), the unemployment rate of local residents was 4.0% from September-November 2020, down by 0.1 percentage point, compared to the previous period from August-October 2020.

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