DSAMA publishes new version of Macau’s Sea Charts

The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) yesterday published a new and revised edition of the Macau Sea Chart. According to a DSAMA statement, the new version includes an electronic edition, the Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC).

The statement noted the new version of the Sea Chart comes after the entry into operation of several developments at sea, as well as changes enforced along the coastline of Macau. Additionally, new coastal buildings, canals, buoys, as well as information on forbidden entry zones and depth needed to be updated.

The DSAMA said that the purpose of the new map is to provide  sailors with the latest and most accurate information to ensure safe navigation.

This is the fifth edition of the Macau Sea Chart 1 and the ENC, published on the scales of 1:15000 and 1:12000, respectively.
The main chart includes all information about sailing and navigation on all the maritime waters under Macau jurisdiction, as well as information on neighboring jurisdictions, while the ENC version has a more restricted scope, addressing only the waters under local jurisdiction.

The new charts come as the result of mapping done with the use of GPS equipment and other technologies to achieve the most accurate information possible, in work conducted over the past two years.

The last update of these charts was done back in 2016.

Both versions are now available to all interested people with the prices of the two versions at MOP100 and MOP80 respectively.  RM

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