DSSOPT halts three illegal construction projects

Three clandestine constructions in Rua do Monte and Calçada do Botelho were demolished following an inspection conducted by an interdepartmental working group of the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT).

Two adjacent sites were on a terrace of Rua do Monte and were composed of brick walls, glass windows and metal roofs, the bureau explained in a statement.

The unit also had an internal staircase to access the fifth floor.

The other illegal construction site which was shut down was on the terrace of a low-rise building in Calçada do Botelho, following a complaint filed with the DSSOPT.

While one unit was being monitored by the DSSOPT, it was sold. As a result, the bureau has informed residents who wish to buy a property to ensure that they properly ask about about the premises’ registration and check whether it is approved by the DSSOPT, otherwise the new owner will be responsible for the demolition of the building.

The bureau pledged to continue inspections and efforts to combat illegal works, and that it will prioritize addressing the most recent illegal works.

The bureau warns that violators will have to bear all demolition expenses and assume legal responsibility.  LV

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