Education | IPM students attend three-week course in Australia

Over the summer, the Macao Polytechnic Institute (IPM) organized the “Overseas Study Program”, sending students to Melbourne, Australia, where they attended a three- week intensive course at Monash University.

The initiative was organized by IPM’s Student Affairs Office to encourage students to acquire international commercial expertise. According to a statement issued yesterday by IPM, the course had four key aspects: developing global perspectives, fostering the ability to adapt to diverse cultures, strengthening students’ global professional skills and appreciating different corporate cultures.

The students experienced an “interactive mode of learning” during their stay in Melbourne which consisted of putting “students in the center and the course trainers on the periphery, playing only a supportive role in facilitating the students to brainstorm new ideas and stimulating their creativity with class activities such as small group discussions, presentations and language games.”

The students also visited the Immigration Museum, where they were exposed to the multicultural characteristics of Australian society. IPM students also visited a city council in addition to other established enterprises, taking the opportunity to converse with the managerial personnel, from whom they were able to learn about Australian corporate culture.

During their stay in Melbourne, IPM students lived individually with local homestay families. In their free time, students took part in numerous local expeditions to cultural destinations, including the Queen Victoria Market, the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Dandi Beach, the Melbourne Zoo and the National Gallery of Victoria.

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