Education | IFT’s new campus to open in August


The Institute for Tourism Studies’ (IFT) new Taipa campus will commence operations from August 1.
IFT said in a statement that courses run at its former campus, the Estrada Coronel Nicolau de Mesquita in Taipa, will be suspended starting tomorrow.
Last year, the government granted IFT the former University of Macau Library, the Staff Quarters building and two laboratories, in addition to the East Asia Hall.
The former library has been named Forward Building and will serve as a teaching complex for IFT.
Besides the classrooms, there will be facilities such as a library, conference venues, a training center, administrative and teaching staff offices, food and beverage venues and car parks.
The East Asia Hall will serve mainly as a student hostel. The former Staff Quarters will be remodelled in the style of serviced apartments and will act as a training hotel for students.
According to IFT, the institute will be able to plan more programs and courses on its new premises. The new campus will also welcome more local and international students.

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