Eighth round of mask distribution starts today

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center has advised that from today, a new round of face mask distribution organized by the government will start.
Doctor Lo Iek Long advised that the distribution will be done in the same manner as the previous rounds with masks available at 84 distribution points that include pharmacies and local associations.
In a new move, Lo noted that this is the first time that the work related to the mask distribution will be done with the help of a large group of volunteers.
The volunteer team will be composed of 500 students from secondary schools who registered to help with the tasks of packing and distributing the masks, Lo said highlighting that all the positions made available were filled in less than 12 hours.
“The students want to contribute to society and help in these tasks and this is very good,” said Lo noting that the students will be supervised by professional staff who will ensure the quality and safety of the process.
According to Lo, the government has already granted that the masks distribution scheme will continue at least until the tenth round.
The same official said that in the last round, around 6 million masks were sold and that in aggregate from the first to the seventh round, a total of 40 million have been sold and distributed.
Asked how the government will ensure that the large number of people currently finishing their quarantine periods in hotels and at home do not present a risk to the community, Lo said, “We urge them to avoid unprotected contact with other people for another seven days [after they complete the mandatory quarantine]. We have also established some guidelines for them to measure their body temperature twice a day and we will do follow-up calls to monitor the status of their health.”
As the physician noted, the main point is to avoid any unnecessary contact, warning, “If reports of local transmission cases arise, then we will take mandatory measures. For the time being, we are counting on the help and good sense of the people [in following the guidelines].”
As a piece of advice, Lo recommended people look at everyone as potentially infected and act accordingly.
“Self-protection is essential. It is far more effective than testing people in the community. Many tests won’t help and will overload the system,” he concluded. RM

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