Elections 2021 | Two out of four nominated lists withdraw

The Electoral Affairs Committee (CAEAL) has announced that two nominated lists have withdrawn from the upcoming Legislative Assembly Election, which will be held on September 12 this year.
The two groups are the Gaming Concessionaire Employees New Power and the Macau Common Home Alliance, both directly translated from Chinese by the Times due to the absence of official translations.
President of the CAEAL, Justice Tong Hio Fong, noted that the two withdrawals were voluntary, which is permitted by the law. He stressed that the decision had no relation with the CAEAL.
Tong added that the gaming concessionaire employee list has had its eligibility confirmed by the CAEAL.
The list, nominated by 400 voters, was submitted in early April. When interviewed back then, the representative said they were concerned with the possible effects on industry employees and other walks of life brought by the renewal of gambling concessions, which will happen next year.
The other list, meanwhile, garnered nominations from 500 voters. The list was concerned with quality of employment and vertical mobility, among other issues. AL

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