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Embrace a Bright New Year with MGM

A brand new year begins at the cue of auspicious firecrackers crackling away, while a bright-colored lion dance ushers in good fortune and prosperity for all. Commencing on January 22, it marks the Year of the Rabbit! It’s a time of celebration and no doubt a delicious excuse to indulge in the Chinese New Year puddings! This year, MGM partners with Mr. Lok Hei, Producer and Artist of “Macao:
Back to Common Roots Narrative Film”, to create a special gift box to house the most auspicious holiday treats. The deluxe gift box features beautiful hand-drawn festive patterns, illustrated by Mr. Lok Hei, to wish everyone a flourishing Year of the Rabbit. It is perfect to delight in and celebrate with families and friends.

In keeping with our tradition to celebrate Chinese New Year in style, we have specially curated an array of rice puddings which comes in a variety of savory and sweet flavors, that are sure to delight your tastebuds. Crafted with premium ingredients and refined recipes, we are proud to offer the Coconut and Ginger Pudding, Water Chestnut and Osmanthus with Bird’s Nest Pudding, and Turnip with Conpoy and Preserved Meat Pudding. If you crave a bite of each delicious flavor, opt for our Fortune Gift Set which includes a mini-sized portion of Coconut and Ginger Pudding & Turnip with Conpoy and Preserved Meat Pudding, each comes in two pieces.


Chinese New Year is always the time for a family reunion. We wish everyone a joyous and prosperous “Gui Mao” Year of the Rabbit! Gift vouchers are available until January 21, 2023. Get your voucher and send your warmest greetings and blessings to friends and family now! For more information, please call (853) 8802 3888 or visit


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