Environment | DSPA records just two complaints on Hengqin noise

Macau’s Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) has informed the Times that it has received two noise complaints about various Hengqin construction projects since the start of the year.

Zhuhai is carrying out 24-hour construction in order to finish several projects in time for the 20th anniversary of the Macau handover.

However, as Hengqin spends all its efforts on celebrating the 20th anniversary of Macau, and transforming itself into a new high- technology center, the new Chinese medicine zone, the new birthplace of entrepreneurship, and the new transportation hub for the Greater Bay Area, some citizens and Macau residents are suffering from the effects of noise pollution.

In response to a Times enquiry on the matter, the DSPA wrote that it has received just two reports from Macau inhabitants concerning the noise.

The DSPA notes that, “in view of the fact that the site is located in Zhuhai, it has informed its relevant counterpart via the Zhuhai-Macau Environmental Cooperation Mechanism.”

The Macau bureau said that its counterparts in Zhuhai were following up on the noise problem and that the individuals who submitted the complaints have received official responses. DB

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