Esports | Macau team achieves record quarter-final position

A Macau esports association posted a strong result at the 9th International eSports Federation (IeSF) World Championship last month, qualifying from the group stages in two categories, and reaching the quarter-finals in the League of Legends competition.

Facing off national teams from around the world, Macau representatives Grow uP eSports reached an all-time high quarter-final position in the League of Legends competition.

The Macau team – which was up against Costa Rica, Tunisia and Israel in Group A – finished second in its group, losing only to Israel before advancing into the knockout rounds, where it was defeated by esports champion South Korea.

Macau also clinched second place in the Tekken7 competition. The top spot in the group went to Israel again, but Macau beat all other group competitors – namely Namibia, South Africa and Azerbaijan – before another loss to South Korea.

“This is the second time that we have brought Macau to compete in the World Championship and the team’s performance was excellent,” said Grow uP eSports president, Fernando Pereira.

“We were able to conquer a place among the top eight in LoL [League of Legends] and top 16 in Tekken7, which is a really good position considering 35 countries participated in the championship.”

Bringing together teams from almost 50 countries and territories, the IeSF is one of the few esports events to cater specifically to national competitors.

The championship was held in Busan, South Korea with 35 participating members. The next edition – which will mark the competition’s 10th anniversary – will be hosted in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Grow uP eSports is a non-
profit association which aims to promote the development of the esports sector in Macau. It is an expansion of its parent association in Portugal, which was founded over a decade ago and is now one of Europe’s largest and oldest such groups.

The Macau team counts the Macau Government Tourism Office among its sponsors for this year’s event. DB

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