Executive order for smooth transition published

Chief Executive Chui Sai On has issued an executive order naming a series of “orientations and measures” aiming for Government Secretariats and public departments to “provide full support to the preparatory work toward the formation of the Fifth Government” of the MSAR. In a dispatch published yesterday in the Official Gazette, Chui detailed that during the transition period, current administration office holders should render “all needed support to the Chief Executive-elect, namely concerning the temporary allocation of human, material and logistic resources.”

Seac Pai Van Library opens next week

The Seac Pai Van Library will be opened to public next Tuesday, introducing new facilities and services, a note from the government reads. The Library will “provide residents with quality reading experiences and reading space.” The note adds that the Cultural Affairs Bureau has been “actively promoting reading habits in the city by establishing libraries in various districts for the public to access reading facilities. The Seac Pai Van Library is one of the supporting facilities of Seac Pai Van Public Housing, providing services for all residents in the area. Located at Avenida de Vale das Borboletas, Complexo Comunitário de Seac Pai Van in Coloane, the Library covers an area of 2,074 square meters and provides more than 300 reading seats, with a total collection of 75,000 volumes.” The Seac Pai Van Library “is an important public place for family activities in the district, as well as a social and cultural facility that integrates the functions of learning, leisure and social intercourse.”

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