Falling acid injures 66-year-old woman

A 66-year-old woman was injured by falling nitric acid while she was walking by a building, the Fire Services Bureau reported yesterday.
The accident occurred at 11 a.m. in Av. do Gen. Castelo Branco at Fai Chi Kei, next to the Weng Hoi building.
The fire services authority initially believe the case to be an accident. According to the bureau, a property unit located on the fourth floor of the building was being renovated when workers accidentally spilled the container of acid. The acid then dripped down from the balcony of the fourth floor property, affecting the street area below.
The woman was injured while walking by the building. About a quarter of a square centimeter of her face was affected. The victim was taken to hospital in a stable condition.
The case was referred to the police authority yesterday morning.
In May last year, an air conditioner fell to the ground from a residential building in Taipa while a maintenance worker was fixing the machine. Nobody was injured in the incident. JZ

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