FASHION | Masterstroke of horological craftsmanship

Moritz Grossmann unveils two new models, the HAMATIC VINTAGE and the TOURBILLON, both featuring handcrafted 750/000 rose gold hands. The exquisite dials of the two models come in a deep black and beautifully accentuate the fine gold hands. Framed by a rose gold case, the result is a supremely elegant ensemble and the perfect embodiment of Grossmann’s watchmaking artistry.

The HAMATIC Vintage with rose gold lance hands
The special edition HAMATIC Vintage features a‘black-or’ dial with long, slender index hands in solid gold. The delicate tip of these hands lends a charming touch to the time display. An elaborate manual process is used to create the exceptionally exquisite “black-or” dial of the HAMATIC Vintage. Several layers of anthracite lacquer are applied to a base of precious German silver and polished until a subtle, gleaming, mirror-like surface emerges. The final touch involves a transparent layer to fix the expressive “black or” dial in place.

The TOURBILLON with rose-gold rhombus hands
This limited edition of the Grossmann TOURBILLON also boasts hands made of 750/000 rose gold. Shaped like an elongated rhombus and ending in a wafer-thin tip, the hands have the instrumental character that is the hallmark of the manufactory. Combined with the dark tone of the jet-black solid silver dial on which the hands rotate, the result is one of profound elegance.

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