Find Your Sweeter Kind of Love at Fondant Art Exhibition

February is a romantic month for many as the season of love is here! MGM plays cupid this year by curating romantic activities for you all. If you are looking for a taste of culture during this month of sweetness and hearts, consider visiting the Fondant Art Exhibition at MGM COTAI, a collaboration between MGM and China’s “Sugar King” Zhou Yi. Your journey of sweetness begins with the beautiful fondant sculptures that showcase contemporary fondant art and the classics of Chinese culture including Na Cheng and Qin Ying.

To keep everyone entertained on this sugary-sweet season, you do not want to miss out on the following meaningful scenes. Na Cheng, or The Betrothal, in the “Three Books and Six Rituals” of marriage customs of Han people in ancient China, takes place on an auspicious day chosen by the groom’s family.

Upon proposing to the bride’s family, the matchmaker will bring the full blessing of the groom’s family as well as wedding gifts. The acceptance marks the completion of the engagement and is an imperative step for the establishment of marriage.

The artwork captures the lively and joyous mood of the wedding ritual. Everyone beams and chitchats, hinting at the joy and sanctity of the upcoming wedding and the prosperity of the family. On a full-bloom lotus, the flowers of a magnolia bloom upwards and surround the full moon, wishing for a beautiful marriage.

Marriage is a promise of love. Qin Ying, or the Wedding Ceremony in the marriage etiquette is when the groom marries the bride.

In the bright and festive hall of the groom’s house, the newlyweds perform a worship ceremony. The bride wears an intricate bridal gown embroidered with dragon and phoenix, where both mystical creatures symbolize prosperity – a euphemism for eternal love.

The people gathered presents a customary worship ceremony at a traditional wedding.

The details in the artwork complement and enhance each other. Since ancient times, festive events have been decorated and lit up with lanterns.

Red lanterns, peonies, and a fondant auspicious cloud highlight the sense of ceremony and create an inviting atmosphere. Each one of these evokes a cheerful mood, symbolizing happiness and harmony between husband and wife.

Looking for things to do during the season of romance does not have to be cliché. There are always options beyond a fancy dinner reservation to partake in with your loved ones. Savor the edible art at MGM as a romantic activity. Open daily from 12 PM to 8 PM, the exhibition is entirely free of entry. For more information, please visit

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