Fine print exhibition showcases local artists

A collective exhibition of fine prints, featuring artwork from six Macau-based artists, is currently showing at Creative Macau.
The exhibition titled “Magical Feelings” aims to bring the city’s fine art printmakers together to “showcase the individuality of each artist”, according to Lúcia Lemos, director of Creative Macau and one of the participating artists in the exhibition.
Aside from Lemos, Creative Macau has also invited Duarte Esmeriz, Fernando Simões, Kei Joaquim Kuong, Lei Cheng and Cheong Hoi I.
Each artist has used different techniques and forms to produce their artwork, including copper plates, polymer plates, and blocks of wood, among others.
One of the artists, Cheong, introduced her works of Mokuhanga (Japanese woodcuts) to the Times. “Different from other forms of etching, Mokuhanga can produce colorful artwork,” said Cheong.
In the exhibition, Cheong presents a series of art that she named “Wings of Freedom,” expressing her own interpretation of freedom.
Cheong also called on local artists to present their work outside of Macau, implying that there is a small market for art development in the city.
“Artists shouldn’t be limited [in showcasing their work] in Macau. They should expand outside of the city too,” said Cheong, adding that some local artists are putting too much focus on presenting their art in the city, failing to recognize opportunities that other countries can bring.
Meanwhile, Simões presents pieces with the Portuguese style cobblestones, sculptures, ceramics, paintings and micro mosaics.
In the exhibition, he showcases the cultural and architectural legacy of the Portuguese and the Jesuits in the series titled “Reminiscence.”
The series presents snapshots of historic buildings and artefacts which is a witness to the long and rich cultural exchange between the east and the west.
Magical Feelings will run until July 11 and is held every Monday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Creative Macau. LV/SI

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